How do I book a Travelling Workshop?

To book a workshop, go to the Travelling Workshops page and fill in our application!


How long are the workshops?

As long as you request! We have done workshops that last anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours.


How many people can you do a workshop for?

Any number at your request! Typically we have facilitated workshops for groups that ranged from 5 to 200 people and could find ways to accommodate just about any number if our resources are available at that time.


Can I request a certain topic?

Certainly! You can request any topic that you like that falls under the umbrella of leadership, social justice, systematic thinking, and so on. We develop new and unique content for the majority of Travelling Workshops that we do.


Do you offer workshops in rural areas?

When we are able to, yes. We have done a number of workshops outside of the St. John's Metro area and have driven across the province for them before. Whether or not we would be able to do it would depend on the date requested, the availability of the current Committee Members, and the availability of funding within Radhoc for our travel costs.


When are travelling workshops available?

Every single Committee Member is a student, mostly post-secondary students at Memorial University, so our ability to facilitate Travelling Workshops depends on the University schedule. We cannot offer workshops over the Christmas Break or during Final Exams; more specific date ranges of when we cannot offer workshops are regularly updated on our Travelling Workshops page.


Do participants of Travelling Workshops need to sign a Liability Waiver?

No. The liability participants stays with whoever is hosting us; we are only facilitators and are not responsible for individuals who participate in Travelling Workshops.