What age of students can participate in Camp?

The Summer Camp is open to Grades 9 to 12.


Why do you call the students 'Champions'?

At Radhoc Youth Leadership, you're not "just a student", but an individual who recognizes their own ability to contribute in both big and small ways to fostering a better world. That's why we call you "champions" - because "students" or "delegates" (or worse, "kids") simply doesn't do it justice. At Radhoc, we are all equals - from grade 12 student to university volunteer to teacher to grade 9 student - and we want to set that precedent from the start.


What is the fee/cost of this camp?

The cost to attend summer camp is $20, and this will include all your meals and accommodations for the five days. As always, you can apply to have your $20 fee covered by us, so don't let that stop you!


If a Champion lives in the St. John's area, do they need to stay the night?

We highly encourage ALL students to stay even if they're from the St. John's area as it is a fantastic and fun social opportunity! Many Champions make amazing long-term friendships during their late night conversations with other Champions and the sleepover is often a favourite part of our programs for many participants, and we expect the same for the summer camp. With that said, we understand that some conditions would contraindicate and that it would be better for a Champion to sleep home (i.e., back problems, nightmares, insomnia) and that is okay. A Champion who wishes to sleep home needs to contact us prior to the camp at hello@radhoc.ca and have their parent/guardian sign a Consent of Absence Form (which would be provided by email).


Is there a waiver that I need to sign? 

Yes. ALL participants in our summer camp must sign a Liability Waiver regardless of age. If the participant is under the age of 19 then their parent/guardian must sign the waiver; participants 19 and older can sign on their own behalf. We focus on electronic waivers in an attempt to be as paperless as possible and use a service called HelloSign, a legally binding electronic waiver service.


Are there funding/reimbursement opportunities? 

We do accept and consider each application for reimbursement of travel costs independently. Due to our limited budget as a student group at the University, we cannot guarantee the reimbursement of all travel costs for the delegate but we will work closely to make the camp as accessible as we possibly can. We encourage all Champions to carpool or share transportation whenever possible and we also do our best to connect delegates from similar geographic areas to arrange transportation. We may also be able to offer assistance related to fundraising. Any potential Champions who wish to receive reimbursement need to contact us directly with an inquiry at hello@radhoc.ca, and every inquiry is discussed within the Committee to see if it is financially feasible for us at the time.


Do schools need to provide teacher chaperones? 

Chaperones from schools are NOT required for this camp. The chaperones of the camp are the Committee Members, all of whom are post secondary students/graduates from Memorial University and College of the North Atlantic. A chaperone to student ratio of a minimum of 1:10 (though usually much smaller) will be maintained constantly.


Can a teacher still attend as a chaperone regardless? 

We generally don't involve chaperones outside of the committee. In the past, however, we have had teachers attend for a handful of sessions for their own interest and at their own costs. A key aspect of Radhoc that students love is that they are more comfortable talking to the Committee Members because we are closer to their age, an aspect that would be lost with one of their teachers being around as students automatically feel somewhat subordinate to teachers.


What if a Champion can attend most of the camp but must leave for a few hours for another commitment?

We understand that Champions can have very busy schedules and we approach this on a case by case basis. The availability of a Champion for camp week will impact whether or not they may be accepted as we want as many students as possible to have as full of an experience as possible. In the event that a Champion is both accepted to the camp and approved to leave at some point for another commitment, they will need to have their parent/guardian/teacher sign a Consent of Absence form ahead of time that would be provided to them by email.


Have a question that we didn't answer above? Email us at hello@radhoc.ca!